The X Factor w/ Simon Cowell

One of my most life-changing experiences was being a contestant on NBC’s- The X Factor (Season 1, Top 23 girls). I went to California for a little over a week. God used that experience to open my eyes to His direction for my music. I am truly grateful and honored to be chosen to be on the show. It was awesome to get 4 yes's from the judges--even Simon--but that wasn't my goal while being on the show. I was there to be a light for Jesus and encourage whomever I could along the way.
It was clear to me that God was calling me to be more than a "contender" on the TV Show.
I did learn a lot while being apart of the X-Factor, and my mission for Jesus became even clearer during and after the show. Shortly after the XFactor I received a phone call asking if I wanted to be on The Voice TV Show but I declined to serve the mission God has clearly laid before me. "I can not serve two Masters- Matt: 6-24"


I love to write songs to encourage people and let them know they are not alone. All of my songs are inspired by my personal trials, or other events I have witnessed my friends/family go through. I write from moments of brokenness, rejection, insecurities, struggles, happiness, and victories, but in the end they all point to Jesus.

When I started writing for the album, Perfectly You, I prayed that God would put words onmy heart to encourage my generation in their faith. All of the songs on the album are topics that are close to my heart. They are topics that I know many of us are dealing with each day: self-image, self-worth, purity, bullying, the well as many other important topics. I pray that God uses this music as an instrument to inspire a generation to become on fire for Jesus. I am here, taking a stand for Christ and to show my generation that they can too!"


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