What Does YOUR Social Media say about YOU?

What do people think about you when they see your social media sites?
So many people say "I'm a Christian" or "I love Jesus"...yet their pictures and social network sites tell a different story......

As Christians we are called to be representatives of Jesus in everything we do and say. (Col. 3:17) We are called to represent Jesus even on our Instagram and through our social sites. If we say we love Jesus, but the pictures we post are showing off our bodies and the things we post are going against Jesus, no one is going to take our faith seriously. 

You can't expect to follow Jesus only on Sunday and live your own ways the rest of the week. Be an example in everything you do. If Jesus looked at your Instagram, would you be ashamed of the things He would see? 

Your social media, pictures and selfies have a lot to say about who you are. Cover your cleavage, cover your body. You don't need to draw attention to yourself like that to be accepted. That attracts the wrong attention!!!! You are worthy and valued without showing the world everything you have!!! Your identity is not found in the number of likes you get on your photos, You are accepted and wanted because of Jesus!

Don't seek the approval and acceptance of people. Before you post a picture of yourself...Ask yourself, would this be something Jesus would approve? Seek Jesus and be an example in all you do. Show Jesus in the things you post.

You are beautiful!   You are awesome! You are worth so much!
Love Chelsea

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