Your Forever Valentine

Valentines Day

If you are like me, you are single and not overly excited about the annual "Love Day."

It's the day where people of all ages show their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, how much they love them, (Which in my opinion should be everyday). Chocolates, roses and teddy bears seem to be the ticket to winning over hearts. 

Well, in my world, it's the day where I am reminded of my True Love and my future love. I could sit and feel sorry for myself that I don't have a boyfriend to share this day with, but I won't. Why? Because truth is, I have Someone. Someone who is the most faithful, compassionate, loving and incredible valentine. His name is Jesus. I have given Him the key to my heart. It is locked up until the day I meet my husband. Until then, my heart will be devoted to loving Jesus with everything I am.

Don't get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself that you don't have someone to share this day.
You have Jesus.His True Love, He died on the cross for you. Give your heart to Him, It is safe in His hands. He will never break it.One day, He will bring you a man of God who will hold your heart, and treasure you for the daughter of God that you are.

Singleness, is a true gift. Don't rush such a precious time in your life while you are single. Jesus is your forever Valentine!<3

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